About LockStock

Founded in 2017 as a spin-off from the successful Amsterdam based Lock Stock & Barrel, LockStock Jewelry is build from passion and knowledge.

About it’s Founder

Founder Mare Trispel has a fine eye for unique pieces and is always on the hunt for new brands and trends. She has always been fond of fine jewellery even when she started out with the multi brand store Lock, Stock & Barrel in 2005 right in the city centre of Amsterdam.

From the start Mare sold independent brands like the Japanese Noguchi and the, at the time, rather unknown Wouters & Hendrix. The brands are a mix of different jewellery styles and brands, each piece has it’s own story to tell. And that exact story is something Mare loves to share. “The energy that is attached to these (sometimes tiny) handmade pieces of art, that’s a good energy to me. Jewellery is a very personal gift either to receive or to give, it’s a positive experience. A celebration mostly, a moment that I love to be a part of”, Mare adds.

The pieces of LockStock are sold online but are also able to be seen on appointment in Amsterdam.